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Basilar Skull and Temporal Bone Fractures

A basilar skull fracture is a fracture through the bone at the base of the brain. A temporal bone fracture is a fracture of the part of the skull that houses the middle ear, inner ear, and facial nerve.

Complications for Basilar Skull and Temporal Bone Fractures

With a longitudinal temporal bone fracture, it is not uncommon for blood to accumulate in the middle ear and cause hearing loss.  Additionally, the bones of the middle ear can become disjointed, which can also cause hearing loss.  If the fracture extends to the geniculate ganglion, a facial paralysis can occur.  If the fracture causes the lining of the brain (dura) to tear, the person can also develop spinal fluid leakage through the ear.

A transverse temporal bone fracture is a much more severe condition.  Oftentimes, the person will have loss of consciousness and a severe brain injury.  Additionally, that person can also suffer complete hearing loss and facial paralysis.