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Otitis Externa ( Swimmer's Ear )Otitis externa is an infection involving the ear canal.

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Overview of Otitis Externa

Otitis externa is an infection of the outer ear canal. Pain upon touching the ear, drainage from the ear, and hearing loss are some of the common symptoms.

Malignant Otitis Externa

Seen more commonly in elderly diabetic patients, malignant otits externa is a much more serious condition. Here, the infection can spread through the bone and involve the base of the skull. This condition, called osteomyelitis, can lead to meningitis and death if left untreated. Treatment involves aggressive intravenous antibiotic therapy.

The name for this disorder is a misnomer. There is no tumor or cancer related to this condition.

About Dr. Prasad

Dr. Sanjay Prasad MD FACS is a board certified physician and surgeon with over thirty-two years of sub-specialty experience in Otology, Neurotology, advanced head and neck oncologic surgery, and cranial base surgery. He is chief surgeon and founder of the private practice, Metropolitan NeuroEar Group, located in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area.