Communication is what connects people to each other and to the world around them.

The Need to Hear Foundation provides hearing aids to individuals who are unable to afford hearing aids or the medical care related to hearing loss. Ideally, we would like to first target individuals who are unable to work solely due to hearing loss and who could be helped to return to work with the help a hearing aid. We will also raise special focus funds to assist in financing care for patients with specific needs for surgical intervention who do not have insurance and/or access to healthcare coverage. The Need to Hear is funded by donations from our supporters. Donations help further our ability to provide free or sliding scale rates to help low-income children and individuals gain treatment for hearing loss. Physicians and advanced practitioners will donate their time to treat patients and provide quality care.

Additionally, Need to Hear is dedicated to providing publications and lectures designed to educate patients, their families, and medical practitioners on Otology and Neurotology, with the hope of furthering the general understanding of these practices. Lectures and seminars that cover a variety of common and unusual ear conditions are offered to medical practitioners and ancillary medical staff. The Foundation also produces numerous free brochures and other informational media, including this website.

The Need to Hear Foundation exists through the generosity of many individuals such as yourself. Tax-deductible donations underwrite the work of the Foundation and allow it to expand its important outreach. Donations are welcomed in any denomination and opportunities for special recognition exist.

If you would like to support our cause, please contact us at 301-493-9409 email Thank you for your generosity.